In our day to day life there is a demand for laborers like plumbers, house helper, painter, carpenters etc. to work at our home and on the other hand the daily wages worker faces problems in finding the consumers. Our platform addresses this problem by bridging the gap between the consumer and the laborer.

Digital Mazdoor is a worker welfare digital platform designed to transform how a person finds work. We bridge the gap between a consumer and a laborer by providing an easy to use online system for searching and hiring daily wages workers such as plumber, carpenter, electricians, raj mistri, painter, driver among a host of similar blue-collar / non-formal professions.

Digital Mazdoor also has a strong social aspect as it plans to change the lives of millions of daily wages workers who are not technology literate. We help them reap the benefits of social media without the need of knowhow or access to technology.

Our Digital Mazdoor also promotes to the ‘Digital India’ initiatives by the Government of India. Inspirited by this fundamental initiative, Digital Mazdoor has launched a website(www.digitalmazdoor.in) & soon going to launch a optimized mobile Application, that would help to direct communication between a consumer and the daily wages worker, round the clock, i.e. free of the limitations of time and location. Our aim to resolving issues like communication-gap, unavailability and unreliability for the consumers while at the same time- increasing demand, hours, days and value of employability for the daily wage workers. We believe that our digital platform will help transform the unorganized sector into an organized sector.


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Our aim to provide work to each labourer(mazdoor) by connecting them Digital Mazdoor App & Website where each & every labourer has their own identity, so mass can connect them easily for getting services.

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Digital Mazdoor also aim to provide best guidance & Education to laboures's children so that they could be able to study at higher level & can make their career better.

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We also provide multiple opportunity to people who want to work socially with us, so that are can go ahead for the welfare of the society & do something better. We honors such people with a T-Shirt, Certificate & much more.


Mr. Virendra Kumar Aim

Founder & CEO

Launched In Cities
Launching In Cities

Ab Mazdoor Kahin Bhi, Kabhi Bhi